Email Copywriting Guide: How To Write Enticing Email Copy In 2024

Email Marketing is not dead.

It is still the best inbound marketing channel in the e-commerce world.

 It takes good email copywriting skills to be able to turn website visitors or subscribers into regular customers of your brand.

Email copywriting is the foundation of having a successful E-commerce brand.

It used to be much more difficult and expensive for businesses to directly communicate with their customers or the public, in the past.

Thanks to the internet, business owners are just a click away from reaching millions of people across the globe with their messages and products. 

Email Marketing is one of the best channels to reach customers.

Despite this uneven advantage, a lot of businesses still don't know how to use email marketing properly.

The purpose of email marketing is to ensure direct and effective communication between businesses and the public.

However, communication is a skill that requires special practice and attention if you want it to serve as a tool for building relationships with the public.

Email copywriting is just like every other form of copywriting – Writing to sell.

In this guide, you will learn how to craft enticing email copies in 2024.


When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable.

Generally, copywriting is about persuading with written words.

The internet runs on the strength of great copies.

Whether it's engaging social media content or a website copy that captures your attention and leads you to make a decision( purchasing an item or signing up for a newsletter).

Great copies have one purpose only –Persuade and influence decisions.

Email Copywriting is how you turn website visitors to subscribers and then, to customers.

When done properly, it can lead to massive growth in revenues and build a well-nurtured customer relationship with your brand.


1. Define your Audience

Start by identifying and defining your target audience.

These are the set of people you want to sell your products or services to.

The most interesting thing is that not everyone is part of your audience.

If you sell weight-loss products, slim skinny people are not the kind of people you should be reaching with your marketing message.

To craft an enticing copy you have to be able to figure out who are the people that need my products and services.

Where are they located?

What language do they speak?

What Job do they do?

What's their income bracket?

The best copywriting or marketing campaign, targeted at the wrong audience leads to zero results.

So define your target audience.

2. Segment your Audience.

After defining your audience, you want to segment them into different stages.

The stages could be based on Age, Sex, Location, level of brand awareness, etc.

This will help you tailor your email copies to the right audience at the right time thus triggering a buying decision.

For example, you cannot send someone who just signed up for your newsletter the same email copy you are sending to another person who may have abandoned their cart.

Segmenting your audience will allow you to tailor your copywriting to communicate with your audience in a way that resonates with them. 

3. Capture attention with headlines.

This is the genesis of good copywriting.

You're in the business of capturing attention so long as you sell on the Internet.

The battle for attention requires a lot of creative input and a unique style if you must win the fight for your audience's attention 

The worst part is that you have just 6 secs to capture the attention of your audience or your email will be grossly overlooked.

Therefore, you need a powerful headline.

64% of recipients decide to open or delete an email based on its headline or subject line.

A great headline is your first ticket to winning the hearts of your audience. So make sure to tweak and tailor your headline to capture attention.

4. Retain Attention with social proofs and Storytelling

It's one thing to capture attention, it's another thing to retain attention.

The goal of your copy is to take the audience on a journey that persuades them to make a decision.

Losing the attention of your audience after the first glance or after they've read the subject line is as good as wasting your time and money.

One of the most effective ways to capture and retain attention is through storytelling.

Storytelling is a powerful age-long style of communication that never gets boring. Everybody loves a good story.

So incorporate storytelling and social proofs in your copies to retain attention.

5. Highlight Benefits, not features

Humans are naturally selfish.

Everybody wants a return on every of their investments whether it's time, money, or results.

Nobody cares about the features of your products or services. 

People only care about how your products or services can help them live life better.

A good email copy highlights the benefits of products more than it features.

6. Avoid Jargon.

Keep your email copies simple and understandable.

A lot of marketers, especially digital marketers make this mistake when sending emails to their mail list.

Most business owners don't care about CTR, ARM, ROAS, and all this fancy jargon we use in marketing.

Most of them just want to know how you will produce results for their businesses if they purchase your products or services.

This applies to other industries too.

Keep your copies so simple that an average 5th grader can read and understand them perfectly.

7. Get personal.

Your copies should interact with your audience like you're having a physical conversation with them.

Include the audience's first name in your copy.

Make use of "I" and "You" so that it feels like you're talking to them.

Bottom line, pretend as tho you're writing for one person instead of a thousand or million.

8. Always end with a Call to Action

Copywriting is useless if there is no call to action directing the readers on what to do.

Your emails should always have a clear and direct call to action.

 Whether it's encouraging your audience to sign up for something or take advantage of a special discount offer.

Always have a call to action.


The best email copies are the ones that convert.

Therefore, tweak, adjust, and recreate.

Check out successful copies with better conversion rates and model their styles.

If your business goal is to generate more revenue in 2024, you have to take email marketing seriously.

Improve your email copywriting skills today.






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