How to Pick the Right Theme For Your Website- KitCart

Between selecting your products and launching your business, there is one critical step to consider: selecting the ideal Kitcart theme for your store. Kitcart makes it extremely simple to establish a store: simply register for a store, choose your store’s look, add products, and you’re ready to go.

However, in order to succeed, each step in the process of developing your store must be properly studied. A poorly designed store, like choosing a product category that is too broad or too limited, will turn off prospective customers at first glance..

In fact, research shows that 42% of people won’t shop from poorly designed websites.

But generally, it’s fairly easy to find great Kitcart themes. After all, there are several Kitcart themes you can choose from, including a few free Kitcart themes.

Today we’re going to go through some of the best free Kitcart themes around, and underline why we believe they’re so great.

Best Kitcart Themes for 2022

It’s not easy to find the finest free Kitcart theme for your store, but we’re here to help.

The free themes listed here are well-known for their responsiveness, usefulness, and aesthetic appeal.

We found these templates by searching the web and researching the features and functionality of several themes to find the best options for a Kitcart store.

With that said, here’s a look at the both top and fee Kitcart themes on the market.

StoreFront Theme

Storefront Theme

Are you looking for the perfect theme to set up your online store in minutes? Storefront is the fastest, lightweight, mobile-first and free KitCart theme. It is intuitive and offers deeper integration with Kitcart.

With unique features like 360 product view, dark mode, sidebar cart you can build a store that matches your brand.

Consider Storefront if you are searching for a Kitcart theme with a minimal look. It is an effective alternative that suits all sorts of online stores, general and niche. It’s rich in versatility, functionality, flexibility, speed, and modern design.

Good news! It is free on any Kitcart plan.

Organic Theme

Organic Theme

Organic is a minimalist theme with a horde of features for building sophisticated online stores.

Some of the functions of organic are slider, top bar notification, mega menu, footer reveal, clean single product layout, and blog section. Includes premium extensions for even more functionality such as advanced live search, advanced vertical menu, product carousel, product deals, and advanced reviews. Customers love the flexibility of this theme:

Organic has a skin for every occasion, as it can adapt to your needs. If you are on the hunt for a killer KitCart theme that will ensure that your store will always match your vision Needs .

Look no further!


Evara Theme

This is one of those Kitcart themes that are just effortlessly cool. The theme features the ability to have a video background in the header and a clean grid-based layout for your featured and most popular products. With this theme, you can easily sell both physical and digital products, add product variations, and more.

It works ideally for apparel, accessories, bags, shoes, and other fashion-related webshops. Starting a fashion, accessories, happens quickly when you have Evara.

Product quick view & zoom, order tracking, social media integration and that’s what’s up when it comes to Evara.

What are you waiting for?

Earth Theme

Earth Theme

Love Aesthetics?

The Earth theme features a colourful and bright design that’s suitable for only luxury brands. It’s responsive and retina-ready and allows you to customise colours, and more through the theme dashboard.

If you love your store to pop, Earth theme is for you. It comes with a smooth scrolling effect and the ability to filter products as well as a stunning product slider, so you can promote your most popular products or new additions to the store.

Have you seen the add to cart button? It’s definitely out of this world.Your customers will appreciate the ability to use filters and advanced search matches to help them find the product they’re looking for. You can even add product variants and have them beautifully displayed at check out.

With an average of 4.97 out of 5 stars, what could be more?

Join Over Elite Clique of Earth theme Lovers!

How to Pick the Best Kitcart Theme

Okay, now that we’ve covered what a Kitcart theme is, it’s time to get into the nitty gritty of picking a Kitcart theme for your ecommerce business.

Here are some things to keep in mind before picking your Kitcart theme:

1. Use Familiar Framing

According to Krug’s first law of usability, the website should be obvious and self-explanatory. Or, in his words, “Don’t make your users think.”

The best Kitcart themes follow a seamless design and use widely accepted methods and layouts. Free Kitcart themes also follow similar design principles.

Kitcart themes are perfect for your ecommerce store as they have a consistent look and feel which buyers are already comfortable with. You’ll find that playing it safe by using a simple design is often best for converting potential customers. We believe that some of the best Kitcart themes are familiar and intuitive for your customer.

2. Consider a Mobile Friendly Kitcart Theme

Mobile friendly ecommerce websites are more important than ever before.

More than 50% of sales on Kitcart stores happen on Mobile devices. Given this fact, it’s imperative that you choose your Kitcart themes with the mobile version in mind.


If your Kitcart theme is mobile-friendly, all of your website visitors will have a better overall user experience.

When looking for a Kitcart theme, it’s a very straightforward duty to perform; nonetheless, most businesses overlook it.

They only examine and optimize their mobile experience after installing the Kitcart theme on their website.

That’s where you can gain a leg up on the competition.

Before you launch your store to the world, test the look of your Kitcart theme on both your smartphone and tablet.

If you’re thinking about using a free Kitcart theme, don’t worry — they’re still mobile friendly too, just like some of the best Kitcart themes, which can incur fees.

Always try to keep mobile responsiveness in mind when you’re looking for the best Kitcart theme for your store.

3. Go Through Reviews to Validate Your Choice of Kitcart Theme

Reviews, like anything else, are indeed a wonderful way to leverage the experience of others to help you make the best decision.

Fortunately, all Kitcart theme listings include a place where users may rate and comment on the theme.
Examine these reviews to verify if the theme you like has all of the aspects needed to power your online store or if it is missing a key feature.

The Kitcart theme Earth, for example, has a lot of positive ratings and reviews, demonstrating that it stays true to its goal of assisting store owners in creating a clean, minimalistic storefront.

Summary: How to Pick The Best Kitcart Theme For Your Ecommerce Store

Okay, that’s all for today. That concludes our compilation of some of the finest KitCart themes for 2022, as well as our explanation of the factors to consider when looking for a KitCart theme for your own store.

In summary, here are three most critical factors to consider when choosing a Kitcart theme:

  1. Use Familiar Framing
  2. Consider a Mobile Friendly Kitcart Theme
  3. Go Through Reviews to Validate Your Choice of Kitcart Theme

So, do you believe we left anything out concerning Kitcart themes? Is there a Kitcart theme that you particularly like that we didn’t include on our list?

Let us know in the comments section below — we read all of them.


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