March Into Freedom!Happy New Month From KitCart

It was exactly 2500 years ago that Alexander the Great won a definitive victory at Gaugamela against the Persian empire. 

 Despite being outnumbered, Alexander remained confident and devised an ingenious battle plan. With himself at the helm, Alexander led his elite army to victory.

This poses a puzzle for us to unravel. Why would a leader in his sane mind decide to self destruct? why would he risk his own life and that of his army to combat the deadliest troop of his time?

Your guess is as good as mine, he definitely knew what you and i have no idea of, that ''freedom is worth everything it costs''.

It’s a new month, like Alexander, it's time to regain your freedom with Kitcart, experience the ease of running a full-scale business without sacrificing your freedom.

March into Freedom this month, log in to your store, complete your setup and let the orders rain in.

Let's Go!

Ps: If you do not have a Kitcart store yet, you can create one here for free.



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