Top 10 E-commerce Experts In Nigeria (2024)

The  E-commerce industry in Nigeria has experienced exponential growth in the last decade. At the forefront of this sporadic growth are some individuals, who have played a vital role in shaping and contributing massively to the growth of the Ecommerce space in Nigeria.

Unfortunately, it's no new news that the e-commerce space in Nigeria is saddled with a lot of scammers and fraudsters who pose as experts. Notwithstanding, these individuals, over the years, have gotten tangible results and have helped thousands of other entrepreneurs gain headways in the e-commerce industry in Nigeria.

In this article, we list 10 top e-commerce experts in Nigeria. If you're getting into the e-commerce world, following and learning from these individuals will fast-track your Journey.

(NB: Opinions expressed in this article are purely of the author's unless such opinions are explicitly verifiable.)

1. Elon Jobs


Elon Jobs is a serial entrepreneur, technologist, marketing consultant, content creator, and the seasoned author of the bestselling book, Catalysts.

Elon Job raised the bar in the e-commerce space when he invested $100k of his own money into building Kitcart, a leading e-commerce software platform that empowers over 40,000 e-commerce brands with storefronts online. 

Right from a young age, Elon has nurtured a deep passion for entrepreneurship starting off his career as a writer and blogger, then transitioning into software development and digital marketing.

He dropped out of college in his final year to build his first company, Futurex Digital, a digital empowerment brand, together with his college friends, went on to do over N200 million in revenue in 2020 and over $2 million in gross sales for clients.

 As of today, Elon Jobs is the CEO of Kitcart and the co-writing SEO platform,

Elon has continued to lead the charge in the entrepreneurship landscape in Africa through his online community called "Elonaires".

He is committed to building the next generation of future leaders in business, politics, careers, and other facets of life.

2. Tricia Olufemi-Olumide (TriciaBiz)


When we talk about Women leading the charge, Tricia Olufemi-Olumide aka TriciaBiz, cannot be sidelined. Her impact on the E-commerce ecosystem goes beyond the Ordinary. Tricia is a force in the entrepreneurial ecosystem across Africa known for her reputation of fixing and transforming thousands of businesses.

She's a Marketing Strategist, Launch Expert, Angel Investor, and Mother. Her Reputation goes far and wide across over 22 nations of the world, with over 210 thousand entrepreneurs trained under her. Tricia Continues to make headways with her impactful content, coaching programs, and training.

3. Ronald Nzimora


You cannot talk about E-commerce today without paying reverence to one of the pacesetters in the digital marketing landscape of Nigeria.

Ronald Ikenna Anthony Nzimora is a serial entrepreneur, copywriter, direct response marketing strategist, business coach, investor, social media influencer, and author. He hails from Ihiala, in Anambra State, Nigeria. He is a founding Partner of Digital Nexus Interactive, Nigeria’s fastest-growing digital marketing agency. Ronald is also the founder and CEO of Profit Marketing Systems Limited, one of Nigeria’s top digital marketing and publishing firms.

With over 20 years of active contribution to the e-commerce industry in Nigeria, Ronald has helped thousands of Digital Marketers and Businesses across the length and breadth of Nigeria. Ronald founded Digital Nexus Interactive in 2008. This is a digital marketing agency that spends over N1 billion each year buying attention for its clients and turning it into profit. This establishment has grown to become one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Nigeria. Digital Nexus Interactive, manages over 100 million Naira in ad spend every month for its clients, selling over 35 billion Naira worth of products and services for them every year, using the internet. Among the clients of this establishment are NairaBET, Travel Bay, Success Power International (owned by Pastor Sam Adeyemi), and ThisDay.

His Coaching Programs and Courses have impacted thousands of business owners online and offline. He's the author of I Will Teach You Business, which was published in 2019 and has become one of the best-selling books on business on the internet today.

4. Nelly Agbogu (NaijaBrandchic)


Nelly Agbogu is one of the leading voices of Ecommerce and Digital Marketing Online. Naija Brand Chic, as she's often called, is "a game changer", as a lot of her fans and students will proclaim. She has trained over 50,000 business owners and has helped more than 10,000 become 7 figures digital entrepreneurs.

Her message remains strong and constant. Which is to help African Businesses leverage Technology to scale and grow. She's the founder of Nellies Nigeria, one of the leading health snacks companies in Nigeria. 

Her success story would not be complete without Instagram. After striking gold on Instagram. She went on to launch several programs, masterclasses, personalized coaching, live videos, boot camps, and webinars, teaching small business owners how to properly use Instagram for business. 

In Partnership with big brands, like Google, Access Bank, etc. The Naija Brand Chic Tradefair (NBCTradefair), the visibility arm of NBC, held annually, has allowed a lot of small businesses to showcase their products online and offline on Nelly's platforms. The success stories from the NBC Tradefair have been so loud, that it has now been tagged as a ‘sold out affair’ by vendors who participate in it.

5. Toyin Omotosho


The Godfather of Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria. Toyin Omotosho is the founder of the Expertnaire affiliate marketing platform. Although from a Humble beginning, Toyin Omotosho has risen to be one of the top names in the online Marketing and e-commerce hemisphere in Nigeria.

Widely known as an internet marketer, Toyin Omotoso is also a Direct Response Marketer and Consultant specializing in Turning Advertising into profits. 

Today, Toyin Mentors Thousands of young 7-figure entrepreneurs with his 72IG course on Affiliate Marketing, and his best-seller, how to Turn Yourself into a Living Breathing Cash Machine. Toyin's legacy sits deep in the hearts of e-commerce lovers globally. If you're beginning your e-commerce journey, consuming Toyin content and materials is the right step to take.

6. Josh Tracy (ecommerce Boss).


Joshua Oluwatobi Bamigbade, Aka Josh Tracy, Earned the Nickname, E-commerce Boss because of the wonderful, if not, mind-blowing results he has helped many businesses across Africa achieve on the internet.

Josh Tracy, as he's often called, is the CMO of the foremost E-commerce Powerhouse company, He's also a Campaign Strategist, Content Creator, and a god in the digital advertising industry.

Over the last 7 years, he has managed ad campaigns across different social media platforms for over 200+ brands in more than 27 countries, spending hundreds of millions of naira monthly on ads and generating over 2 billion Naira in revenue monthly.

Being passionate about the growth of small businesses and entrepreneurs online, Josh has created a community called " Trillionaires" to help struggling entrepreneurs gain clarity in the online world and 10x their sales and revenue. Click here to be part of the community.



Douglas Kendyson is a serial entrepreneur, software engineer, CEO, and Founder of the popular E-commerce platform, Selar. From a Side project, Douglas turned Selar into one of the most reputable E-commerce Brands in Nigeria. Mostly used amongst Content Creators, Coaches, and Consultants, Selar has over the years, contributed massively to making E-commerce in the Nigerian landscape, easy, better, and reliable for selling digital products online like, ebooks, music, courses, art, etc.

Douglas was one of the few young entrepreneurs to win the Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF) start-up grant of $10,000. Since then, he has gone on to create a long-lasting impact in the e-commerce space in Nigeria. Before Selar, Douglas worked with reputable Payment gateways like Flutterwave and Paystack. Today, a lot of creators, and entrepreneurs are raking crazy figures in sales and revenue thanks to Douglas Kendyson Creativity, persistence, and leadership.



Known to be one of the most resourced people on the Internet space in Nigeria. Franklin Emmanuel continues to lead the charge in impacting and growing the digital entrepreneurship landscape in Nigeria.

Franklin Emmanuel is a foremost digital marketing consultant, Director response copywriter, and one of the best YouTube content creators in the E-commerce space. Franklin is known for sharing intricate business success secrets and tips on how to make money online. With over 232 thousand YouTube subscribers, Franklin's YouTube channel is highly recommended go to YouTube channel for newbies and beginners looking to make money online or trying to start a business.

9. Jennifer Etito Oyubu (Naija Brand Influencer)


Jenifer Etito Oyubu, popularly known as the Naijabrandinfluencer on Instagram, is one of the few women leading the charge in the e-commerce world online. Jennifer, over the years, has created a name for herself through her energetic form of marketing and advertising for various brands online.

She's also known as the dancing coach online. Jenifer has worked with over 10000+ brands and has helped them rake up innumerable figures in sales and revenue. She's an award-winning influencer, the goddess of IG ads, and one of the very few people who walk the talk of building successful businesses online.



Courage Ngele is a Nigerian-born serial Entrepreneur Who rose to fame at the dawn of the COVID-19 era with his mind-blowing Business content on YouTube. He is a Visual storyteller, Content Creator, Realtor, and Marketing and advertisingโˆ† expert. He's also the founder of Wine House Nigeria,  A leading Online brand in the Wine industry.

Courage has been one of the lead voices in the e-commerce industry, advocating and helping SMEs navigate their way through the world of E-commerce and generate massive revenue for their businesses. With over 53 thousand subscribers, Courage's YouTube channel is one of the go-to channels for thousands of struggling online entrepreneurs. He regularly shares in-depth Business tips and relevant secrets that have helped thousands of online entrepreneurs. If you're looking to begin your journey in the online space, I recommend you visit Courage's YouTube channel and his pages across other social media platforms. You can check out some of Courages online courses for Ecom Beginners here.

In conclusion

Suppose you want to be the best you have to learn from the best. The e-commerce space in Nigeria can be very daunting and overwhelming, therefore, as a newbie it is important you seek out mentorship and learn from people who have tangible results. The individuals mentioned above are people who have been tested and trusted over the years, I'm sure you're going to learn a thing or two from each of them that will change the trajectory of your life.

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