Kitcart is seeking investments

Kitcart is a cloud-based e-commerce website platform that helps small businesses create online stores to sell products to customers around the world. We are looking forward to raising $500,000 to reach our goal of powering 50,000 stores by the end of 2022.

Who Can Invest?

Below are our top three criteria for our dream investors:

Feature 01

Industry Knowledge

We expect our investors to have a fair knowledge of how tech investments work. We believe this will help us attain a fair ground for proper evaluation.

Feature 02

Equity Investment

We are not interested in loan sharks, money lenders, royalty in perpetuity or any other form of debt funding structures. We crave for investors ready for skin in the game.

Feature 03

Investable Capital

We are looking for investors that will make impact and will be committed to our vision. As a result we will not be taking any investment less than $50,000.

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